Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Kids Dine Out in Mercado sa Azienda

I know we're not supposed to go out with Covid-19 still out there, but sometimes we just need to - with extra care of course.

Previously, I've come across a post about this outdoor food market in Starmall Talisay, so we decided to head there on a Sunday evening with the kids. In Cebu City, restaurants are pretty strict with not allowing kids to dine in so we were really happy that Talisay isn't the same about it. The kids needed a break from just going around the house too.

Mercado sa Azienda is just in front of Starmall and is open everyday from 12nn to 10pm.

The area is nicely decorated with Christmas lights with a lively relaxing music that you can enjoy while eating. There are tables placed in front of the stalls that offer different kinds of food and drinks - barbeque, shawarma, sinugba, rice meals, fruit shakes and  milk teas among others. 

We got kimchi rice, grilled pork, kinilaw, shawarma and thai rice bowls.

It's a really nice place to visit if you want to feel like All is well in the world because people are enjoying a usual day. We weren't able to have this for a few months so I just missed this kind of experience. The only difference now is everyone's just wearing a mask and the guards are just walking by reminding people to observe social distancing measures.

For those who plan to go inside the mall, please make sure you bring a face shield.

Anyway, here are some pictures that will convince you to check this place out even more.