Thursday, December 13, 2018

Five Dishes You Need to Try at Top of Cebu

Ask me where to go on a romantic date and i'll take you to a place  where you can enjoy mouth-watering food and experience the breathtaking view of the city - to Top of Cebu!

Top of Cebu is a mountain-top restaurant that opened in August 2017 and is located just along the road to the famous Tops Lookout at Barangay Busay. It's a spacious restaurant that can sit more than a hundred customers. The relaxing vibe of Top of Cebu makes it perfect for couples and families that want some quiet time together while enjoying some good food any time of the day. 

We're lucky to try out some of Top of Cebu's best dishes, and we personally love their versions of our traditional Filipino dishes. So, we're ranking our favorites from one to five. Five is our best pick. :D

1. Grilled Shrimp Salad - This salad is a mix of grilled shrimps, oranges, lettuce, and onions drizzled with honey-lemon dressing. The honey-lemon dressing is not overpowering and gives just the right flavors to the salad, so you get to enjoy the freshness of the ingredients. I'm a little bias because I love shrimp and I love salad so this is just everything I love in one. 

2. Sizzling Bangus - I think our traditional way of serving Bangus is good but this is definitely something everyone should try. Who would think that Bangus would taste great with a creamy sauce? I highly recommend this dish as this is something new to my taste buds.

3. Pancit de Cebu - This dish is tricky. I mean this in a good way. At the top, you get crunchy noodles that are fun to nibble and then when you dig in, you get the soft and flavorful noodles. This together with the Sizzling Bangus should be on your order if you're visiting Top of Cebu for the first time. 

4. Salted Egg Calamares - I love Salted egg but I haven't tried Salted Egg Calamares before, so it's quite a shock how they thought about this one. I can't really tell that it's salted egg but I enjoyed it. I like that you have two different dips to choose from depending on what you feel like pairing it with- mango salsa and the aioli dip.

5. USDA Beef Short Plate -  You can order this per gram and you could also request how to cook it. This is my favorite of the different dishes we've tried. The meat just melts in your mouth and even without the sauce, you can really tell that it's high grade. This is a new offer and definitely a must-try. Highly recommended!

For those who'd be visiting Top of Cebu, they have something new on their menu - it's the Street Sweets of Cebu priced P480. It's an assortment of our all-time favorite Filipino delicacies that you can eat for breakfast and/or snacks. 

I hope you enjoy your meal as much as we enjoyed ours. You can visit Top of Cebu's Facebook page for more details. Check some of our photos below.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Thirsty Float Deserves the Hype

If we could all list down our top 10 favorite desserts, i'm sure Mango float would be in most of our lists.

For a lot of Filipino families, Mango Float is a staple dessert being prepared during Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions. It's not strange that in the past weeks, so many people on social media raved about it being available in on-the-go cups in a certain store in Manila.

Now, we're super excited to tell you that Thirsty is making their own version of this raved-about mango float cups called Thirsty Float. And they're making it available first here in Cebu! Yesssss.

So what makes Thirsty Float different from the rest?

Thirsty Float is made with layers of crushed grahams, whipped cream, diced mango and ice cream. Yes, ice cream! And ice cream makes Thirsty Float unique. The soft-serve ice cream is Thirsty's own concoction and was specifically made to complement the layers of ingredients. The ice cream has just the right amount of sweetness that isn't satiating or nakaka-umay. We are not big fans of sweets but this passed our standards.

Thirsty Float only comes in one size (10 oz), and is priced ₱69. Don't underestimate this size because it's really loaded and you might find yourself looking for someone to share it with.

Currently, Thirsty Float is available in Robinsons Fuente and Robinsons Galleria only, but soon it will also be sold  in Thirsty Ayala and other branches by next year. Follow Thirsty's Facebook Page to get more updates!


Want to try this dessert with your barkada? We're giving away not one, not two but three (3) Thirsty Floats to one lucky follower. Just answer our Facebook trivia question and get a chance to win.

The winner will be announced on December 20, 2018.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

New Offer Alert: Sushi Boy Bento

They heard us. Japanese-inspired restaurant, Sushi Boy just heard us.They're making bento meals available in their I.T Park branch. How exciting!

Sushi Boy has two (2) branches in Cebu - one located at I.T Park Lahug and another branch located at the North Reclamation Area (NRA). The restaurant offers different kinds of maki, sushi, ramen and rice meals which are priced between P65 to P275.

Now, if you want to get the most out of your budget, Sushi Boy offers you their newest bento meals. Want to know more about these new options? Read on.

1. There are five (5) new Bento meal options available.

The main dish makes each bento unique from each other - 1) Tonkatsu, 2) Torikatsu , 3) Tofu, 4) Pork Yakitori and 5) Chicken Teriyaki bites. Each one comes with rice, yasai itame (stir fried vegetables), 2 pcs. Of Gyoza (dumplings), 2 pcs. Of Matcha Crinkles, and a glass of iced tea.

2. The main dishes of each Bento is from the actual menu

If you want to try a little of everything that Sushi boy boasts of, a Bento meal is perfect for you. It's a perfect mix of Sushi boy flavours at only P199/bento. And the best part? The bentos are perfect for your instagram feeds so take a shot before you dig in.

3. Bento meals will be available soon through Honest bee

Since the bentos are currently available only in their I.T Park branch and soon in their NRA branch, you can also just have them delivered to you. Just order through the Honest bee food delivery app.

As per Sushi Boy's executive Chef, there's more in store for their customers next year and this is just first of their many future options. But now, are you excited as I am to try out the new bentos?

Check out Sushi Boy's Facebook page here: for more updates!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Adventure Awaits at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

The Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is now open in Carmen Cebu! Let me share to you my thoughts and experience during our visit there just this month.

First off, this new safari park is the first of its kind in Cebu. It is owned by the Lhuilliers, so don't be surprised to see an Mlhullier branch inside. As of the time of this writing, Cebu Safari is still on its soft opening stage since their collection of animals is still not complete. Despite this, a lot of locals and tourists still come to check out the place including us.

Cebu Safari and Adventure resort - Cebu Pitstops

Cebu Safari and Adventure resort - Cebu Pitstops

There are hundreds of animals in Cebu Safari and a lot of them i'm sure you're also not familiar of. For those of you who's never been to a safari but have been to a zoo, you'll really see the difference between the two here.

The safari is massive and the animals have bigger spaces to roam around. They look less stressful as their designated areas are made to fit the kind of environment they should be in. There are some animals you can just touch while others like the white tiger, cheeta and orangutans you can just see from a far for obvious reasons.

I would like to note that some animals are only available in some time so you may want to go there early or stay there a little bit longer.

Cebu Safari and Adventure resort - Cebu PitstopsTHE PLACE

You will be given a map during the orientation upon entering the safari park. It will guide you inside because you'll be the one to decide where you want to go first and where to go next. You can ride the safari vehicle or hike your way to the different spots. We decided to hike and go around the safari without riding a vehicle. The animals aren't very far from each other, but I wished we took advantage of the vehicles because that was one tiring day. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes when going there.

Cebu Safari and Adventure resort - Cebu Pitstops

Cebu Safari and Adventure resort - Cebu Pitstops


The staff are really helpful and they give suggestions on where to go next. They also greet the guests happily and gives you some details on the animals. Thumbs up to how they actually trained their staff to be very accommodating and friendly.

The policies are also simple, and you'll be informed by the staff if you're allowed to feed the animals in the specific spots. However, you need to pay for the food you will be feeding to the animals.

Cebu Safari and Adventure resort - Cebu Pitstops

Cebu Safari and Adventure resort - Cebu Pitstops

Cebu Safari and Adventure resort - Cebu Pitstops
Cebu Safari also boasts of its huge flower garden.


Here's my overall verdict, 4 stars to Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. The only downside about this safari is that you can't bring in foods and drinks from outside so that's -1 point. You have to agree on me on this that P800/head is not very affordable, not that i'm saying that it's not worth the price, but that entrance fee is big plus the food inside is also quite pricey. That's the only concern, but really, the Safari Park is a great place to see and that tour was one different way to spend the weekend.

Well, I highly recommend this place to parents who would like to take their kid/s to see different animals. They will really like it here, but for me, I could pass.

Currently, the safari park is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 8AM to 5PM but selling of tickets is only up to 2PM. Entrance fee is P800/head including one set lunch meal. However, once they have their Grand opening, lunch will no longer be part of the package.

For more information on how to get there and other frequently asked questions, please head on to their official website:

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bowl a Strike at Gaisano Bowlingplex

Hey there! Last Friday night, I went out with my friends for an exciting bowling tournament (for the noobs) at Gaisano Bowlingplex. It's located beside Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad. Look for a big parking lot at the right just before you reach Montebello Hotel.

It's my second time at the bowlingplex, and I think it's way cheaper than SM Bowling Center (obviously), but you get the same feels. Price is P90/head per game, P30/pair of shoes and P50/pair of socks.

Tip: Make sure you have your own socks to save money. You're not required to buy :D

The plex has 36 bowling lanes, and based on my observation, they rarely get full. It's probably because they open at 12 noon and closes at 12 midnight. No need to rush.

If you're not familiar with the equipment, the attendants are very helpful. The balls are in different colors with different weights. I figured that I play best with the yellow green ones, so after I throw it, I wait for it to come back hehe. It's really exciting especially if you're in a big group, because you'll be cheering and booing for the entire game. It's hard to keep the ball out of the gutter, but you'll get the hang of it eventually or after a couple of sets.

Here are some of my recent photos at Gaisano Bowling plex.

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

Gaisano Bowling Plex - Cebu Pitstops

I highly suggest coming here to bond with your family and friends this summer. Comment down below if you want to suggest any activity or place we should try! :D