Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Thoughts on LipHop Facial Sheet Mask now in PH

It's almost Christmas day, and we just had our Christmas party for the department two days ago. What did I get from my manito? Well, I got my wish - face masks and eye masks which I'm very thrilled to try this weekend, and I'm letting you know my thoughts about them.

Here are the specific Liphop face masks that I got: Liphop Black Cheers a.) bean hydrating facial mask, b.) black acai berry soothing and relaxing facial mask, c.) black raspberry brightening facial mask and the d.) rice nourishing facial mask. I was also given a Bye Bye Dull eyes Aloe Vera Smoothing Eye mask and Bye Bye Dehydrated Eyes Avocado Perfecting eye mask.

Now, my thoughts. I'm not really a big fan of sheet masks because first, you can only use them once and second, it's not really that cheap. However, I tried using Jeju face mask before, and I fell in love with the instant effect it made on my face, so I was curious to try this one out.

Liphop is not so different with Jeju mask, but what I noticed is that it's not as wet as the latter and is not that cold when it touches your skin (which I like). It's not also sticky. When I took it off, I just left the essence on for the rest of the day, and I seriously didn't feel the need to wash my face.

Yes, this is definitely hydrating, but if you're a cheapskate like me, I'd go for Jeju mask. Watsons' sheet mask is also pricey. I highly recommend their gel masks though because I used to hoard those.

By the way, you can only purchase Liphop and Jeju masks at Rose Pharmacy. Prices range from Php 49 to Php 79.00, but they are P10.00 off at the time of this writing.

You might want to try this out for yourself, maybe just use this once a week, when your skin feels so dry and tired. For those asking if oily skin needs hydration and moisturizing, I swear you need it. I was so pimply before, and moisturizing really made a difference on my skin.

So I think, that ends it. I'll write about the eye masks soon.

Comment your experience or questions below if you have any. Teehee.