Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lunch out at MexiMama

My company's office relocated in Mandaue Cebu last January 2017. During our first weeks there, our common struggle was to find a place where we could eat lunch. 

There's KFC, Jollibee and Burger king among others just close by and most days, we had no choice but to go in any of those fast food chains. Yes, we are deprived of real food. Luckily, our friend suggested that we eat at Mexi Mama because it's payday, and it wouldn't hurt to treat ourselves with good food sometimes. 

MexiMama is located at the 2nd floor of Parkmall Cebu, it's in the side near the jeepney terminal.

I highly recommend this place for gastronomic Mexican food and instagram-worthy walls. Scroll through my pictures below to convince you to check it out.



Check this restaurant out with your family and friends. And comment below your experience with Meximama. Can't wait to hear from you :D