Thursday, September 8, 2016

Romantic Date at Sugar X Spice Cafe in Talisay

I've been to somewhere nice recently, and I'm telling you all about it as I feel your need for a new place to just chill with friends or loved ones over a cup of coffee... or a spoonful of cake.

The thing is I've been to different cafes in Cebu and they're mostly just the same - crowded. Now, if you're in dire need of a place for your romantic intimate date, I have just the right option for you - Sugar X Spice Cafe.

Sugar X Spice Cafe is located in Zone 2 Sacred Heart Village, Brgy. San Isidro. Talisay Cebu. The cafe is a little hard to find but I guess that contributes to the cafe being an ideal date night hangout.

Check photos below to convince you to visit this artsy cafe and to taste their sweet offerings.

Sugar X Spice Cafe Cebu

Hope you enjoy your date nights here thought photos were taken in the afternoon. Teehee!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cebu Celebrates Bon Odori Festival 2016

Three years ago, Cebu joined in the celebration of Bon Odori Festival for the first time. Bon Odori or Obon is celebrated by Japanese to honor the spirits of their ancestors. Buddhists believe that during obon, ancestors' spirits visit their relatives. I think it's like All Souls Day in the Philippines but more festive. 

I have attended Bon Odori Festival for three straight years and it's an event I always look forward to usually on August because of the following reasons:

1. Great Performances

2. Exciting Games

3. Cool Merchandise

4. Authentic Japanese Food

5. The Diverse Crowd

6. Obon Dance. Unfortunately we joined the dance so we weren't able to take pictures.

7. Fireworks. The best! 

8. The People I'm With

Hoping that you could attend Bon Odori next year. See yah.

 - This is my very first event post on The blog! waaaah. -