Friday, October 28, 2016

Lazada Affiliate Roadshow 2016 in Cebu

Hi There!

Want to share this cool event I attended last Friday at Quest Hotel, Cebu organized by Lazada, the leading online shopping website in the Philippines. They invited their Cebu affiliates like myself to this Roadshow that revolutionizes their E-Commerce penetration in the Philippines. 

I was able to receive an invitation for this event last 2015 but wasn't able to attend, so I was very excited to confirm that I'll be able to come this year. No regrets! Got a lot of great and useful info from the talk - very direct to the point discussions. 


So for this year, Lazada will have a month-long sale from November 11 to December 12. This will be their biggest sale in the year. They will also be launching a game in their site will give online customers big discounts in time for Christmas. I personally look forward to the discounted items during the Pinoy Cyber Sale and Techies day. You got to check on-sale-items fast. Mark the dates below!
  At the latter part of the program, they gave all the participants a Box of Joy that has an assortment of products inside. Happy to receive mine. So take a look on some of the products I'm looking forward to try.


Thanks Lazada for inviting us! Shall update my blog ads.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Romantic Date at Sugar X Spice Cafe in Talisay

I've been to somewhere nice recently, and I'm telling you all about it as I feel your need for a new place to just chill with friends or loved ones over a cup of coffee... or a spoonful of cake.

The thing is I've been to different cafes in Cebu and they're mostly just the same - crowded. Now, if you're in dire need of a place for your romantic intimate date, I have just the right option for you - Sugar X Spice Cafe.

Sugar X Spice Cafe is located in Zone 2 Sacred Heart Village, Brgy. San Isidro. Talisay Cebu. The cafe is a little hard to find but I guess that contributes to the cafe being an ideal date night hangout.

Check photos below to convince you to visit this artsy cafe and to taste their sweet offerings.

Sugar X Spice Cafe Cebu

Hope you enjoy your date nights here thought photos were taken in the afternoon. Teehee!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cebu Celebrates Bon Odori Festival 2016

Three years ago, Cebu joined in the celebration of Bon Odori Festival for the first time. Bon Odori or Obon is celebrated by Japanese to honor the spirits of their ancestors. Buddhists believe that during obon, ancestors' spirits visit their relatives. I think it's like All Souls Day in the Philippines but more festive. 

I have attended Bon Odori Festival for three straight years and it's an event I always look forward to usually on August because of the following reasons:

1. Great Performances

2. Exciting Games

3. Cool Merchandise

4. Authentic Japanese Food

5. The Diverse Crowd

6. Obon Dance. Unfortunately we joined the dance so we weren't able to take pictures.

7. Fireworks. The best! 

8. The People I'm With

Hoping that you could attend Bon Odori next year. See yah.

 - This is my very first event post on The blog! waaaah. -

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pitstop: Virgin Beach Resort Cebu

I'm back! I'm back and ready to share to you my newest discovery...Virgin Beach Resort in Daanbantayan, Cebu.

Last week, I had a 3-day break from work because of the national elections. Of course, what better way to spend the long weekend than on an adventure. We traveled all the way from Metro Cebu to the northern tip of the island, and yes, we found a paradise.

En Route To the Resort

Before anything, we took the bus en route to Daanbantayan, Maya via Bagay at North Bus Terminal and paid P154.00 each. We were not familiar with the place so we had to really look for the signage upon crossing the borders of the municipality.

The sign "Virgin Beach Resort" at the right side of the street is visible, but if you're worried you'll get past it, remember it's just before Malbago Elementary school.

The Accommodation

After making it to the resort at 12 noon, we were warmly greeted by VBR's front desk. We were immediately led to our room. Since they have a promo at the moment, we paid P1000/ night inclusive of breakfast for a superior room. Our room was clean and set up nicely. I read they also offer P2000/night for the family room which can accommodate up to 8 persons.

Refrigerator - Check
Toiletries - Check
Aircon - Check
DVD player - Check

After arranging our things, we ordered lunch: Calamares and Kaldereta. Both were cooked perfectly! Plus they gave us complimentary drinks. Thank God, we needed that after the long ride.

The Amenities 

Some amenities are not available at the moment because Typhoon Yolanda damaged some of the resort's properties, but you can still enjoy volleyball and borrow some DVDs in their collection. We watched a couple of DVDs during our stay. Oh by the way, they also have a small library for bookworms out there.

Hopefully, we can go back and use their bicycle next time. We'd love to go around in bike.

Here are the other rooms. Would love to stay in there the next time as they are pretty homey just seeing it from the outside.

The Food

Meals were exceptional. Tried out their P100 budget meals on day two, and I swear everything tastes great. You can order other dishes priced P150 to P300. We originally planned to order cocktails and mocktails for P50 each, but we ended up sleeping early after dinner. Blame the peacefulness of the place.

The Staff

The resort has a very welcoming staff. They respond to our requests and questions with a smile. We talked with them and I think they're really good people. I think this is one of the best things about the the resort. :D

The Beach

We spent a lot of time in the beach firstly because we loved the view and secondly because we get to walk in it during low tide. It was like an eco-tour or something because we saw small fishes, crabs and other sea creatures up close.

Now, here's the thing, the resort was just what we wanted - quiet and peaceful. We got to stroll around the entire place on our three-day stay and found it perfect for couples, families and groups. Would really come back if time permits!

You can check out their website for more information: Virgin Beach Resort Cebu. Teheee!