Monday, May 27, 2013

Pitstop: Lagunde Resort

The summer season is rolling out and as always, we are savoring its last days away from the city - that's expected. And of course, I'm with the gang again but we're not spending three-nights and two days in a resort this time, since we have to cost-cut but still, our getaway to Lagunde Beach Resort in Oslob had been one-of-a-kind!!!

We were looking for a good and very cheap place to stay overnight, and I bet you are too as you have come to visit this blog. Gladly, we spotted this beach resort in the internet and have known that this whole house in the resort can be rented for just Php 4,000. That already includes the refrigerator, television with cable, kitchen utensils and whatnots. Sadly though, there's no wifi in the area. 

What's different about this resort is that, guests are more encouraged to cook for themselves, though there is a restaurant in the area. Well, the kitchen should serve its purpose, you know. And I have to say my colleagues were thrilled to cook, since we haven't experienced cooking for ourselves in our previous outings. 

There are two(2) air conditioned rooms in the house, there's a one(1) big comfort room with two opposite doors connecting the first and second room. There's a medium-sized bed and one double-decked bed for each room. Towels are also available but hygiene supplies aren't. A gallon of mineral water would cost Php100.00 and prices of some other drinks are posted outside the refrigerator.

The not-so-good side of the resort is that the water supply often stops. Their workers are there to always help though, you just have to text them for anything you need. In our case, we have always relied on them and they were very approachable so no worries.

Here in Lagunde, you have the option to swim either in the pool or in the beach. One side of the pool is 3-4 feet and the bigger side is 5-6 feet deep. There is no prescribed swimming so you can just wear any attire for swimming(for girls). There's a balcony just outside the house, overlooking the sea. It could host team building activities.

"Cooking takes time. We learned that here"

Lagunde has a service van that you can rent for Php 3000.00, but you can still haggle. 
We haggled for Php 2500.00 but decided to take the bus instead because it's cheaper.
The bus charged us Php 114.00 since we bough our student IDs. It would be a little higher for those who don't have one. The bus would pass the resort so you can just tell the bus driver or ticket collector to drop you off.


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