Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pitstop: PEARL Meatshop and Resto

Should I tell you that, if my memory serves me right, this is the first authentic restaurant I've gone to? Well, I've been to Chosun Chicken before but they serve no authentic Korean dishes - so probably this can be considered my first Korean dish adventure.

Why did I end up here?

A close friend of mine visited Cebu from Davao for three days and since she'll be leaving early tomorrow, we had to make her enjoy the last day of her stay here. I guess we are lucky to have a friend who had been here at Pearl Meat Shop and Restaurant  before located in A. S Fortuna Mandaue, Cebu.

Basically, when we got there by four in the afternoon, we were warmly accommodated by the waitresses since we were the only customers at that time.

Now, let me share to you what I have observed and come to like about Koreans. So, I think that it's great that they have so many side dishes and they really reflect the kind of tastebuds Korean's have. 

This is just one of their side dishes. I forgot how this soup is called but this actually tastes like the soup of Kaldereta - plus obvious spices. If you haven't tried kimchi before, guess you should come here and enjoy kimchi for free. I've heard that for the first time, you get to not like the taste of kimchi but later on, when you get used to it, you'll learn to love it. 

Now, they call their thin-cut meat "SAMGYEOPSAL" and six pieces would cost you P180.00. I can't say that their meat is different from that of ours but rather, since we cooked the meat, of course it tastes good :D

There were three of us who went there and we paid P580.00 all in all. That's 200 pesos for each one of us so I kinda find it affordable because I originally thought that it would cost more.

Well, I can say that I'm not a big fan of authentic Korean cuisines (though I am not dismissing the 'might like' there) but I could pick a few dishes that I know would surely  tickle your tastebuds. Try it out so you can see it for yourself! Teehee :)


A. S Fortuna Mandaue, Cebu

- affordable prices
- clean and quiet
- with free-wifi
- accommodating personnel

Have not found one :D


Mustachio said...

Is it Php180 already? Last time I was there it was only Php160... Try Yum Yum Baboy too :-)

Pearl Cabiluna said...

My friend ordered it for us, and she said it costs P180.00 daw xD Is Yum Yum baboy, with pancit? Coz I forgot to take note of the names of our orders and maybe we ordered something like that.

Mustachio said...

Sorry, I meant try another Korean restaurant called Yum Yum Baboy. They also have samgyeopsal.

Pearl Cabiluna said...

Okay :) Will take note of that.