Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pitstop: Agus Hotel and Pool

Every summer, the temperature's getting higher and that's actually the reason why most of us would prefer to take our shirts off and wear our swimming attires. Just exactly what we need to feel a lot colder, right?

So last summer, I enjoyed the day with my family at Agus Hotel in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. It took us an hour and a half to get there, from metro Cebu, as we're not really that acquainted with the place.

We got a good spot just beside the pool since we made reservations a day before we went there. 

I didn't expect their pool to be that large, gladly it could accommodate a large number of guests. They have a 4-5 feet pool (see picture below) and a 5-6 feet deep pool just beside the latter. In the deeper pool, a slide and a mini-cave can be found where you could have yourself massaged by the running water.

Guests are required to wear sleeveless tops in swimming. Every cottage, there's a copy of the list of rules to follow during the stay. Also, you can cook your fishes and meat there - though you have to bring your own bags of charcoal.

Entrance Fee per person: P150
Cottage Rental: P300

Having been in Agus for the first time, I think their pool is way better than the other pools I have gone to. They only accommodate several guests since they only have a few huts - making the area spacious.

The water in the pool feels like and tastes like saltwater and I bet it's really saltwater since Agus is just close to the sea.

Got a picture of myself!!! Teehee :)


Agus, Lapu-Lapu Cebu
(63 32) 516-7282

- No food corkage
- Clean pool
- Controlled number of guests
- Large pools

- comfort rooms not that clean
- lifeguard situated beyond view


Unknown said...

Always open ni

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