Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pitstop: CHATime tea shop

The magazine is finally ready for distribution after 5 months of production! The graduates, at my right, are also ready to receive their diploma after 4 years of hard work and pressure! So, I guess those were enough reasons to celebrate, right? 

Now, after finishing our dinner/post production celebration, we decided to visit and hang out for awhile in Chatime located at the ground floor of ebloc 2 bldg. in I.T Park, Lahug. To make it more specific, it is between Army Navy and Charlie Chicken. And since our former editor in chief is now working there, then it became a double celebration slash reunion.

 Chatime, which is originally from Taiwan, opened its branch here in Cebu last 2012. Though newly-established, Chatime Cebu branch has already enticed a lot of Cebuanos to try their flavors. With their pink and purplish-themed space, I could say that Chatime must have lured their customers by  giving them the cozy atmosphere. 

I couldn't exactly count how many kinds of teas they're offering. I mean, there are just too many of them. There were (12) of us so we had to share eight different milk teas since we couldn't afford to spend more. Of the eight flavors, I personal love the lychee-flavored milk tea - the white one with some think jelly inside. 

          (Photo from: Chatime's Facebook page)

Now, with just P55 to P150, you can already enjoy a glass/bottle of milk tea.
Monday to Thursday: 11AM to 12MN | Friday and Saturday: 11AM to 1AM | Sunday: 11AM to 11PM

What's great about Chatime, and probably all the other similar shops, is that it could be an ideal place to stay if you need to be alone and if you need to finish or do something while enjoying a drink or two. As for ourselves, well, it became a reuniting place. 

I arrived home at 1am and that, if I can remember, is my first time to go home that early - and that's with sarcasm. TEEHEE!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pitstop: Crocolandia

I am scared of almost every animal, excluding dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and.....I don't know, that probably ends the list.

Now, I faced one of my greatest fears in Crocolandia -a mini-zoo/park located in Biasong, Talisay City last 2012. The zoo houses different faunas and is famous for its six-meter long saltwater crocodile, Lapu- Lapu who was pretty shy 'cause he kept hiding from us.

I ended up there because of a friend's friend who invited me to come with them in Crocolandia and since I have never been there before, of course, I took the opportunity to spice up my summer visiting a different place and a different world.

From Gaisano Tabunok, we took a motorcycle to Lawaan beach and moved to a tricycle to reach our destination.

It didn't take us long to reach the zoo but it was a costly trip for us, as we didn't board any private cab, rather just took public vehicles to get to the zoo. 

There, we paid the entrance fee for adults which is P100.00.  As for children below 11 years old, they just need to pay P50.00 . Groups consist of 25 can avail of the 20% discount for the entry fee. 

We went there on a weekend so there were only a few visitors. So when we entered its gates, we hastily followed the path to see the crocodiles. Unfortunately, there were no guides to tell us information about crocodiles and stuffs (Here's a picture of one of its small crocies though)

So just ahead of a pond is a mini-museum for preserved animal remains. From there, you could go out in the other door where more animals can be found. You can see differently colored snakes up close and more others.

Crocolandia has a canteen and has this mini-playground for kids too. (see picture below) 

Biasong, Talisay City


- Houses many animals
- Well-maintained
- Clean and organized

- Hard to reach especially if you don't have a car
- No guides
- Expensive canteen food

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pitstop: PEARL Meatshop and Resto

Should I tell you that, if my memory serves me right, this is the first authentic restaurant I've gone to? Well, I've been to Chosun Chicken before but they serve no authentic Korean dishes - so probably this can be considered my first Korean dish adventure.

Why did I end up here?

A close friend of mine visited Cebu from Davao for three days and since she'll be leaving early tomorrow, we had to make her enjoy the last day of her stay here. I guess we are lucky to have a friend who had been here at Pearl Meat Shop and Restaurant  before located in A. S Fortuna Mandaue, Cebu.

Basically, when we got there by four in the afternoon, we were warmly accommodated by the waitresses since we were the only customers at that time.

Now, let me share to you what I have observed and come to like about Koreans. So, I think that it's great that they have so many side dishes and they really reflect the kind of tastebuds Korean's have. 

This is just one of their side dishes. I forgot how this soup is called but this actually tastes like the soup of Kaldereta - plus obvious spices. If you haven't tried kimchi before, guess you should come here and enjoy kimchi for free. I've heard that for the first time, you get to not like the taste of kimchi but later on, when you get used to it, you'll learn to love it. 

Now, they call their thin-cut meat "SAMGYEOPSAL" and six pieces would cost you P180.00. I can't say that their meat is different from that of ours but rather, since we cooked the meat, of course it tastes good :D

There were three of us who went there and we paid P580.00 all in all. That's 200 pesos for each one of us so I kinda find it affordable because I originally thought that it would cost more.

Well, I can say that I'm not a big fan of authentic Korean cuisines (though I am not dismissing the 'might like' there) but I could pick a few dishes that I know would surely  tickle your tastebuds. Try it out so you can see it for yourself! Teehee :)


A. S Fortuna Mandaue, Cebu

- affordable prices
- clean and quiet
- with free-wifi
- accommodating personnel

Have not found one :D

Pitstop: PORTOFINO Resort

I can't remember if I've been here before prior to our recent escapade here, but I'll tell you that this beach really seem so familiar to me. Well, if the view appears familiar to you and you remember being here, then you must be right in saying "THAT'S PORTINO RESORT".

Last July, we celebrated the 28th birthday of my sister at Portofino Island Resort located in Mactan Cebu, Philippines. That's within a 10-15 minute ride from Mactan International Airport and 30-40 minutes from Cebu or Mandaue. 

GAZEBO (w/ 2 tables & 12 chairs) PHP 
SHADE SAILS (w/ 2 tables & 12 chairs) 
PHP 1,400.00
Movable Tent w/ 2 tables & 12 chairs (first come, first serve only) 
PHP 1,400.00
Table Set w/ 1 table & 6 chairs (first come, first serve only) 
PHP 350.00
Extra table - PHP 140.00
Extra chair - PHP 35.00

Portofino offers different activities for its adventurous guests. 


Jet ski rate 
3,000.00 per hour 
1,500.00 per 30 mins.
(maximum of 2 persons only)

Banana Boat ride
4,500.00 per hour
(maximum of 6 persons only)

Sunset Cruising in style
1,750.00 per head 
(minimum of 10 persons only)
Inclusion: barbeque or ihaw-ihaw on the spot (menu selections is available upon booking), 1 case of beer and 1 case of softdinks, free onboard entertaintment (serenade).
Travel Time: from 3pm up to 6pm

Aquanaut Seawalking
PHP 999.00 per head per hour and underwater photo is for PHP 350.00 only (optional). 

Island Hopping Destinations
Olanggo Island, Sulpa Island and Hilutungan Island

Dive shop/ Diving school
Different diving courses : from Intro Dive to Openwater Drive.
The happy dive shop is Japanese-owned shop and is composed of a team of professional Filipino and Japanese instructors. Rates are confidential. For inquiries, guest/s can directly contact the Marine sports In-charge. 

Here's a picture of the Aquapark Adventure that you could try out. :) 

Aquapark Adventure 
300.00 per hour per head.

Rates: 150.00 per person
Distance: The zipline ride is 140 meters long (from end to end) and 20 ft (from the ground)

Island Hopping
Rates: PHP 3,500pesos (maximum of 20 persons only)
Inclusions: boat rentals only, BYOP (food and drinks not included)
Travel Time: from 8 A.M. – 4 P.M

My family while enjoying the rainy day of July at Portofino beach. Sorry for the small-sized photos. Our pictures are quite crappy because my sister edited the photos and I haven't found the original copies. Teehee   :)
Mactan Island, Cebu
(032) 495-7768
Check site for more info:


- Clean waters
- Offers many activities 
- the life guard can really be seen


- Kinda crowded since the resort's already popular
- rocky shores(for me)
- Higher rates for gazebos and table sets compared to other resorts
- comfort rooms are not that clean