Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pitstop: Hidden Paradise Resort

True to its name, Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort is truly a paradise for those who, like us, would want to hide from the different businesses in the city.

Located in San Fernando Cebu, Philippines, the resort can be reached after a three-hour ride from metro Cebu. With room rates ranging from P600 to P3500 depending on the size of the room and the number of occupants, you can already avail of the different activities the resort offers. Inclusive of meals, there are several accommodation packages that your group and family could choose from.

The resort is not only for swimming but also for team-building activities and programs.With a large court meters away from the rooms, barkadas could make their stay more exciting, memorable and fun.

Your stay in this resort wouldn't be complete without trying their zipline that crosses a fish pond. Do not forget to take the challenge of walking in their rope bridge as well.

On our second day of staying in Hidden Paradise, we decided to go river trekking - also one of the activities they offer then.

Walking from the mountains to the river was indescribably tiring. Going back to the resort was another story. I describe it as a life threatening adventure.

There are two swimming pools in the resort. This one is the biggest, while the smaller one was beside our room. The restaurant and dining area is just beside the former..




- Meals are really delicious
- You can do so many things here
- The space is very big - perfect for team building
- Clean
- Have the bathroom necessities


-  Some rooms, like ours, are very far from the canteen
-  No signal for SUN - could be good, it depends
-  Not-so-safe

For more information, check their website: 

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