Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pitstop: Alta Cebu Resort

Alta Cebu Resort of Pilipog Cordova, Philippines is two hours away from metro Cebu. The resort has already established a good name and reputation that it became one of Cebu's best accommodations. That perhaps convinced us that two nights and three days of staying there would help each of us relax and think of exceptional concepts for the summer :)

Just like other resorts, Alta Cebu offers different packages to its guests who like to avail of their service and amenities. As for ourselves, we chose to enjoy one of the cheapest deals they have then.

Our package includes food three times a day, with snacks + the use of their cab to get to the resort + use of the conference room among others.

If you think that the only thing you can do here is swimming, then you're wrong. There are actually so many things that you can do while staying. You can play billiards with your friends, play badminton, ping pong, basketball and volleyball. You can borrow materials for these games by going to their quarters and giving your ID and they'll return the latter as soon as you return the former. They have a videoke room too. Else, if you're not up for games, you can just loiter around.

They have this pond just at the back of the resort. Visitors could go there for free and enjoy the scenery. Here are our artists enjoying the view!

The resort has a medium-sized 4-6 feet pool open overnight. During the night, a band will serenade the guests from their cafe/resto just beside the swimming pool. Surely you'd enjoy that :)


Packages include Conventions, Team-buildings, Seminars, Conferences, Trainings, Retreats, Product launches and Corporate anniversaries. The resort offers Wedding and Honeymoon packages, Debut packages, engagement packages, reunion packages and birthday packages.

Their function rooms and conference rooms can seat 1,200+. For larger events, there is additional seating in the Restaurant and adjacent Poolside area and Jungle Bar. You can use their LCD Projector, microphone and board, just like us. You can also request your food to be served there.



- Affordable rates
- Delicious meals with snacks
- Clean pool
- Complete bathroom necessities
- You can do so many things here


- We waited hours because they're not done cleaning the room
- One swimming pool for all of the guests

For more information, check their website:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pitstop: Oslob Cebu Whale Shark Watching

I am thankful that I was reassigned to write an article about the whale sharks in Oslob last Summer. Aside from it was my first time seeing a live whale shark, it was also my first time going as far as this town. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, and maybe to some of the visitors also, because it's not always that whale sharks could be found in a certain place such as the Philippines.

One would be able to reach the town of Oslob in a three-hour bus ride from Cebu City.

For 300 to 500 pesos, local and foreign tourists could get a boat and have a closer view of the whale sharks locally known as the 'butandings' for 30 minutes.

After paying and registering your names, you still have to go to an orientation booth. There, a facilitator would give you the rules, directions and facts that you need before you go offshore.

Those who wanted to dive can dive and those who wanted to see the fish's huge body below the waters could snorkel as long as they maintain distance.

The butandings are fed with planktons by a fisherman while all the bangkas surround them from a distance.

There were probably three or four other whale sharks swimming in the area. But some whale sharks just come and go.

Photos by FORWARD Publications Staffs.

Pitstop: Hidden Paradise Resort

True to its name, Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort is truly a paradise for those who, like us, would want to hide from the different businesses in the city.

Located in San Fernando Cebu, Philippines, the resort can be reached after a three-hour ride from metro Cebu. With room rates ranging from P600 to P3500 depending on the size of the room and the number of occupants, you can already avail of the different activities the resort offers. Inclusive of meals, there are several accommodation packages that your group and family could choose from.

The resort is not only for swimming but also for team-building activities and programs.With a large court meters away from the rooms, barkadas could make their stay more exciting, memorable and fun.

Your stay in this resort wouldn't be complete without trying their zipline that crosses a fish pond. Do not forget to take the challenge of walking in their rope bridge as well.

On our second day of staying in Hidden Paradise, we decided to go river trekking - also one of the activities they offer then.

Walking from the mountains to the river was indescribably tiring. Going back to the resort was another story. I describe it as a life threatening adventure.

There are two swimming pools in the resort. This one is the biggest, while the smaller one was beside our room. The restaurant and dining area is just beside the former..




- Meals are really delicious
- You can do so many things here
- The space is very big - perfect for team building
- Clean
- Have the bathroom necessities


-  Some rooms, like ours, are very far from the canteen
-  No signal for SUN - could be good, it depends
-  Not-so-safe

For more information, check their website: