Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pitstop: Narra Park Resort, Alcoy

While the city panicked during the 7.2 earthquake that shook the Visayas region last October 15, our team was en route to paradise, saved from the tremors. The paradise I am referring to is the beautiful and peaceful Narra Park Resort in Alcoy, Cebu. 

Leaving Cebu South Bus terminal at 9:00 am Tuesday, we arrived at the resort, welcomed by our hospitable hosts upon arriving noon.

For two nights and three days, we were able to enjoy the picturesque view of the city from the resort. The resort alone is already a view to behold.

As of the time of this writing, There's only one swimming pool in the resort that is big enough to accommodate a big crowd of guests. The pool is 5 to 8 feet deep with the latter marked with a circle to distinguish its depth.

The dining area slash restaurant is nicely set for the guests. The meals are very Filipino, but I don't know if that'd depend on the accommodation package. You could also order snacks and deserts in their menu. You could just ask their staff to prepare your food in your desired time.

Just beside the resort's restaurant is their small entertainment area where you could play table football and/or enjoy their karaoke. Of course, that's something special here, because unlike most resorts, you can use their karaoke for free without limit.

 Here's the view from beside our rooms. Few meters down are the restaurant and the pool. There's an enclosed staircase on the way to the resto where I'm sure you'd love to take pictures of yourself and your group. Before I forget, you have to pay a certain reservation fee that'd be deducted from your total payment.

The right picture is one of our two rooms. There are two queen-sized beds in every room, that could accommodate four to six people. By the way, we rented regular rooms - the rental fee would vary during weekdays and weekends. The deluxe rooms are, I think, bigger and have wifi connection (the sad part of being in the regular room). And hey, we love their bathrooms.


Narra Park Resort Alcoy, Cebu 
The resort has a service van but we chose to ride the bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal to save some expense. The air-conditioned bus charged us Php 96.00 instead of Php 110.00 since we presented our student IDs - the perks of being a student. From the bus stop to the resort, the service van of Narra Park fetched us, the charge already added to our total payment.

"Thumbs up for the accommodation of Narra Park Resort. We were also able to accidentally meet the owners while having our picture taken. The owners were very friendly and they even gave us two free softdrinks as we departed from the place."

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pitstop: Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort

Summer is the time of the year where most of us, students and employees, also families and barkadas, try to renew ourselves from all the stresses we've come head on. So if you find yourself looking for a perfect place to relax during this time...

I recommend you to stay in one of Cebu's best accommodations- Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort translated as 'Big Rock' located in the Municipality of Dalaguete Cebu, Philippines.


Staying here for two nights and three days, our group managed to loiter around and appreciate the structure that seemed to be Venice-inspired. From our area, we could see that meters away from the shore are floating benches and huts for those who would like to swim in the open sea. 

The resort has two swimming pools open till 10pm. While taking a break from swimming, you could also enjoy their karaoke just beside the pool.

Their room rates range from P1500 to P4500 per day for 8-10 people and P250 for every additional person. There's a corkage fee of P25/head and P500 for lechon.

We didn't really stay at the resort just to solely relax, we have to conceptualize and discuss things. So, we're glad that the place has a conference room where we could have ourselves settled for a whole-day discussion.

There were microphones, a white board and an LCD projector for those, like us, would need them.

" I like Dakong Bato a lot because of its view. However, there are really some negative comments I posted below for you to not expect much."


-  Well-maintained surroundings and amenities.
-  Friendly staffs
-  Rooms are closer to the pool and other amenities
-  Cheap if you're many in a room

-  No supplies for the bathroom (e.g soap, shampoo)
-  Pool not so clean
-  No snacks for those who will stay over-night, unlike other resorts
-  Few services and activities to offer
-  Not-so-safe

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pitstop: Lagunde Resort

The summer season is rolling out and as always, we are savoring its last days away from the city - that's expected. And of course, I'm with the gang again but we're not spending three-nights and two days in a resort this time, since we have to cost-cut but still, our getaway to Lagunde Beach Resort in Oslob had been one-of-a-kind!!!

We were looking for a good and very cheap place to stay overnight, and I bet you are too as you have come to visit this blog. Gladly, we spotted this beach resort in the internet and have known that this whole house in the resort can be rented for just Php 4,000. That already includes the refrigerator, television with cable, kitchen utensils and whatnots. Sadly though, there's no wifi in the area. 

What's different about this resort is that, guests are more encouraged to cook for themselves, though there is a restaurant in the area. Well, the kitchen should serve its purpose, you know. And I have to say my colleagues were thrilled to cook, since we haven't experienced cooking for ourselves in our previous outings. 

There are two(2) air conditioned rooms in the house, there's a one(1) big comfort room with two opposite doors connecting the first and second room. There's a medium-sized bed and one double-decked bed for each room. Towels are also available but hygiene supplies aren't. A gallon of mineral water would cost Php100.00 and prices of some other drinks are posted outside the refrigerator.

The not-so-good side of the resort is that the water supply often stops. Their workers are there to always help though, you just have to text them for anything you need. In our case, we have always relied on them and they were very approachable so no worries.

Here in Lagunde, you have the option to swim either in the pool or in the beach. One side of the pool is 3-4 feet and the bigger side is 5-6 feet deep. There is no prescribed swimming so you can just wear any attire for swimming(for girls). There's a balcony just outside the house, overlooking the sea. It could host team building activities.

"Cooking takes time. We learned that here"

Lagunde has a service van that you can rent for Php 3000.00, but you can still haggle. 
We haggled for Php 2500.00 but decided to take the bus instead because it's cheaper.
The bus charged us Php 114.00 since we bough our student IDs. It would be a little higher for those who don't have one. The bus would pass the resort so you can just tell the bus driver or ticket collector to drop you off.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pitstop: NAILON Beach Resort

Indeed hideaways are true to its name. They're isolated and built away from the city, making them difficult to find, but that surely didn't  stop us from discovering and staying in one of Cebu's distinct hideaways. 

Yes, we spent two nights and three days to conceptualize, at the same time relax in Nailon Beach Resort located in the far north of Cebu - to Bogo City, Philippines. 

Leaving North Bus Terminal occupying a V-hire at 9:30 am, we arrived at the resort at around 12 nn of Friday. That's a three-hour ride plus the traffic. We were charged Php 150 each as we requested the driver to drop us inside the resort, it was  supposed to be just P120 but it would still be equal to our total transportation expense since we still have to ride a motorcycle to get to the resort. When we arrived there, the owner of the resort gladly welcomed us. Coincidentally, the owner's from the same university as we are from.

We occupied one of the resort's superior room that could accommodate 14 people that makes one person per bed. We found it nice that in a single comfort room, there's two toilet and two shower cubicles where we could simultaneously take a bath and stuff. The room is fully-air conditioned and has a TV set with cable.


SUPER DELUXE  Php 2,300.00 
DELUXE   Php 2,000.00 
STANDARD  Php 1,690.00 
EXTRA BED  Php 190.00 
FAMILY ROOM OF 14 PERSONS  Php 4,300.00 

Room rates are not valid on HOLY WEEK PERIOD

(from Nailon's official site)

Nailon Resort has one big pool which is 4 to 5 feet deep and beside it, just few meters away is the shore where it's also free to swim. There are 19 fully air-conditioned rooms in the resort, all with twin beds and private shower rooms - ready with hot and cold water.

 We used the resort's function room for our conceptualization. There's a projector, microphone and stereo in the room that guests could use. Probably, 15 to 20 people could occupy the room. The first five hours of use is free, and there'll be additional fees if there'd be an extension. If you choose to include in your package one round of coffee or other food and snacks, you could always do so.

Meals are served thrice a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks, depending on your package, but in our case, we didn't add it in our inclusions. I think their meals are really delicious, though you need to pay for your additional rice and drinks. That's P16 for every cup of rice.

Perfect for team-building, it is. Nailon offers its guests a wide space for recreation. Thus, here we are, enjoying their offer. We had fun playing dodge ball and volleyball when we got tired of swimming. There are swings in one corner for kids and kids at heart.

Well, I'll tell you beforehand, that the resort's waters(from sink to pool) tastes a little different - can't describe it really. It's already the start of summer when we went there, but there's only a few guests and that's great...I think.


I personally love that the resort's facilities are just available at the corner.

We've been to different resorts before and I personally believe that this is one of Cebu's best. Just perfect for relaxation and team-building!!! Teehee.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pitstop: Hidden Valley Resort

Last Summer 2012, we stayed in Hidden Valley Mountain Resort located at barangay Lamac, Pinamungajan Cebu, Philippines for three days and two nights.

Our room is far from the pool. It's tiring to go up and down if you ever forget to bring something. But it's a good thing that you can burn calories just by going to your room.

It has a lagoon where guests can go rafting and fishing, two adult pools and two kiddie pools, function halls, restaurant and an amphitheater.

Ehrm, if I were to compare their snacks to those of the other resorts I've posted earlier, theirs are really delicious and uniquely presented.

We used their function room for our meeting. It's free of charge for, I guess, 5 hours. You can find all sorts of stuffs about the resort while you're staying in this room. 

This resort is perfect for kids and kids at heart who want to take a break after hours of swimming. The playground is just meters away from the pools so parents could still look out for their kids.


032 516-0450 or email:

- To reach the resort without a private cab, take a bus from South Bus Terminal bound for Pinamungajan via Toledo, or Mantalungon, or Barili. Drop-off point will be at Toledo City Bus Terminal. Then, ride a multicab bound for Pinamungajan. From there, choose any of the motorcycles-for-hire in going to Hidden Valley (fare: Php80.00; if with company: Php50.00).


- Serve delicious meals
- Affordable rates
- Free use of the function room for the first 5 hrs
- With friendly staffs


- No signal for Sun subscribers(good it depends)
- Some rooms are very far from the pool
- not-so-well-maintained pools

For more information, check this website:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pitstop: Agus Hotel and Pool

Every summer, the temperature's getting higher and that's actually the reason why most of us would prefer to take our shirts off and wear our swimming attires. Just exactly what we need to feel a lot colder, right?

So last summer, I enjoyed the day with my family at Agus Hotel in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. It took us an hour and a half to get there, from metro Cebu, as we're not really that acquainted with the place.

We got a good spot just beside the pool since we made reservations a day before we went there. 

I didn't expect their pool to be that large, gladly it could accommodate a large number of guests. They have a 4-5 feet pool (see picture below) and a 5-6 feet deep pool just beside the latter. In the deeper pool, a slide and a mini-cave can be found where you could have yourself massaged by the running water.

Guests are required to wear sleeveless tops in swimming. Every cottage, there's a copy of the list of rules to follow during the stay. Also, you can cook your fishes and meat there - though you have to bring your own bags of charcoal.

Entrance Fee per person: P150
Cottage Rental: P300

Having been in Agus for the first time, I think their pool is way better than the other pools I have gone to. They only accommodate several guests since they only have a few huts - making the area spacious.

The water in the pool feels like and tastes like saltwater and I bet it's really saltwater since Agus is just close to the sea.

Got a picture of myself!!! Teehee :)


Agus, Lapu-Lapu Cebu
(63 32) 516-7282

- No food corkage
- Clean pool
- Controlled number of guests
- Large pools

- comfort rooms not that clean
- lifeguard situated beyond view

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pitstop: CHATime tea shop

The magazine is finally ready for distribution after 5 months of production! The graduates, at my right, are also ready to receive their diploma after 4 years of hard work and pressure! So, I guess those were enough reasons to celebrate, right? 

Now, after finishing our dinner/post production celebration, we decided to visit and hang out for awhile in Chatime located at the ground floor of ebloc 2 bldg. in I.T Park, Lahug. To make it more specific, it is between Army Navy and Charlie Chicken. And since our former editor in chief is now working there, then it became a double celebration slash reunion.

 Chatime, which is originally from Taiwan, opened its branch here in Cebu last 2012. Though newly-established, Chatime Cebu branch has already enticed a lot of Cebuanos to try their flavors. With their pink and purplish-themed space, I could say that Chatime must have lured their customers by  giving them the cozy atmosphere. 

I couldn't exactly count how many kinds of teas they're offering. I mean, there are just too many of them. There were (12) of us so we had to share eight different milk teas since we couldn't afford to spend more. Of the eight flavors, I personal love the lychee-flavored milk tea - the white one with some think jelly inside. 

          (Photo from: Chatime's Facebook page)

Now, with just P55 to P150, you can already enjoy a glass/bottle of milk tea.
Monday to Thursday: 11AM to 12MN | Friday and Saturday: 11AM to 1AM | Sunday: 11AM to 11PM

What's great about Chatime, and probably all the other similar shops, is that it could be an ideal place to stay if you need to be alone and if you need to finish or do something while enjoying a drink or two. As for ourselves, well, it became a reuniting place. 

I arrived home at 1am and that, if I can remember, is my first time to go home that early - and that's with sarcasm. TEEHEE!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pitstop: Crocolandia

I am scared of almost every animal, excluding dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and.....I don't know, that probably ends the list.

Now, I faced one of my greatest fears in Crocolandia -a mini-zoo/park located in Biasong, Talisay City last 2012. The zoo houses different faunas and is famous for its six-meter long saltwater crocodile, Lapu- Lapu who was pretty shy 'cause he kept hiding from us.

I ended up there because of a friend's friend who invited me to come with them in Crocolandia and since I have never been there before, of course, I took the opportunity to spice up my summer visiting a different place and a different world.

From Gaisano Tabunok, we took a motorcycle to Lawaan beach and moved to a tricycle to reach our destination.

It didn't take us long to reach the zoo but it was a costly trip for us, as we didn't board any private cab, rather just took public vehicles to get to the zoo. 

There, we paid the entrance fee for adults which is P100.00.  As for children below 11 years old, they just need to pay P50.00 . Groups consist of 25 can avail of the 20% discount for the entry fee. 

We went there on a weekend so there were only a few visitors. So when we entered its gates, we hastily followed the path to see the crocodiles. Unfortunately, there were no guides to tell us information about crocodiles and stuffs (Here's a picture of one of its small crocies though)

So just ahead of a pond is a mini-museum for preserved animal remains. From there, you could go out in the other door where more animals can be found. You can see differently colored snakes up close and more others.

Crocolandia has a canteen and has this mini-playground for kids too. (see picture below) 

Biasong, Talisay City


- Houses many animals
- Well-maintained
- Clean and organized

- Hard to reach especially if you don't have a car
- No guides
- Expensive canteen food

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pitstop: PEARL Meatshop and Resto

Should I tell you that, if my memory serves me right, this is the first authentic restaurant I've gone to? Well, I've been to Chosun Chicken before but they serve no authentic Korean dishes - so probably this can be considered my first Korean dish adventure.

Why did I end up here?

A close friend of mine visited Cebu from Davao for three days and since she'll be leaving early tomorrow, we had to make her enjoy the last day of her stay here. I guess we are lucky to have a friend who had been here at Pearl Meat Shop and Restaurant  before located in A. S Fortuna Mandaue, Cebu.

Basically, when we got there by four in the afternoon, we were warmly accommodated by the waitresses since we were the only customers at that time.

Now, let me share to you what I have observed and come to like about Koreans. So, I think that it's great that they have so many side dishes and they really reflect the kind of tastebuds Korean's have. 

This is just one of their side dishes. I forgot how this soup is called but this actually tastes like the soup of Kaldereta - plus obvious spices. If you haven't tried kimchi before, guess you should come here and enjoy kimchi for free. I've heard that for the first time, you get to not like the taste of kimchi but later on, when you get used to it, you'll learn to love it. 

Now, they call their thin-cut meat "SAMGYEOPSAL" and six pieces would cost you P180.00. I can't say that their meat is different from that of ours but rather, since we cooked the meat, of course it tastes good :D

There were three of us who went there and we paid P580.00 all in all. That's 200 pesos for each one of us so I kinda find it affordable because I originally thought that it would cost more.

Well, I can say that I'm not a big fan of authentic Korean cuisines (though I am not dismissing the 'might like' there) but I could pick a few dishes that I know would surely  tickle your tastebuds. Try it out so you can see it for yourself! Teehee :)


A. S Fortuna Mandaue, Cebu

- affordable prices
- clean and quiet
- with free-wifi
- accommodating personnel

Have not found one :D

Pitstop: PORTOFINO Resort

I can't remember if I've been here before prior to our recent escapade here, but I'll tell you that this beach really seem so familiar to me. Well, if the view appears familiar to you and you remember being here, then you must be right in saying "THAT'S PORTINO RESORT".

Last July, we celebrated the 28th birthday of my sister at Portofino Island Resort located in Mactan Cebu, Philippines. That's within a 10-15 minute ride from Mactan International Airport and 30-40 minutes from Cebu or Mandaue. 

GAZEBO (w/ 2 tables & 12 chairs) PHP 
SHADE SAILS (w/ 2 tables & 12 chairs) 
PHP 1,400.00
Movable Tent w/ 2 tables & 12 chairs (first come, first serve only) 
PHP 1,400.00
Table Set w/ 1 table & 6 chairs (first come, first serve only) 
PHP 350.00
Extra table - PHP 140.00
Extra chair - PHP 35.00

Portofino offers different activities for its adventurous guests. 


Jet ski rate 
3,000.00 per hour 
1,500.00 per 30 mins.
(maximum of 2 persons only)

Banana Boat ride
4,500.00 per hour
(maximum of 6 persons only)

Sunset Cruising in style
1,750.00 per head 
(minimum of 10 persons only)
Inclusion: barbeque or ihaw-ihaw on the spot (menu selections is available upon booking), 1 case of beer and 1 case of softdinks, free onboard entertaintment (serenade).
Travel Time: from 3pm up to 6pm

Aquanaut Seawalking
PHP 999.00 per head per hour and underwater photo is for PHP 350.00 only (optional). 

Island Hopping Destinations
Olanggo Island, Sulpa Island and Hilutungan Island

Dive shop/ Diving school
Different diving courses : from Intro Dive to Openwater Drive.
The happy dive shop is Japanese-owned shop and is composed of a team of professional Filipino and Japanese instructors. Rates are confidential. For inquiries, guest/s can directly contact the Marine sports In-charge. 

Here's a picture of the Aquapark Adventure that you could try out. :) 

Aquapark Adventure 
300.00 per hour per head.

Rates: 150.00 per person
Distance: The zipline ride is 140 meters long (from end to end) and 20 ft (from the ground)

Island Hopping
Rates: PHP 3,500pesos (maximum of 20 persons only)
Inclusions: boat rentals only, BYOP (food and drinks not included)
Travel Time: from 8 A.M. – 4 P.M

My family while enjoying the rainy day of July at Portofino beach. Sorry for the small-sized photos. Our pictures are quite crappy because my sister edited the photos and I haven't found the original copies. Teehee   :)
Mactan Island, Cebu
(032) 495-7768
Check site for more info:


- Clean waters
- Offers many activities 
- the life guard can really be seen


- Kinda crowded since the resort's already popular
- rocky shores(for me)
- Higher rates for gazebos and table sets compared to other resorts
- comfort rooms are not that clean