Friday, December 28, 2012

Pitstop: RED BOX Karaoke

My first Christmas with this group of intellectuals and creatives had been awesome. But the venue really added to our delight and excitement because all of us wanted a different karaoke and Red Box, Ayala Cebu Terraces was just perfect.

The rooms are expensive. (See their rates below) But since we just needed a place to stay for our manita-manito and a place to sing our hearts out, it was I guess, worth the price.


399 per person, 12nn-3pm
Includes room, eat all you can Buffet and
1 free drink for 3 hours.

499 per person, 7pm-12mn
Includes room and 2 drinks for 5 hours.
Additional 199 per person for the Eat all you can dinner buffet.
Buffet served from 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Available from Sunday to Thursday

299 per person
Includes room and 2 free drinks for 4 hours
200 per person
Includes room and 2 free drinks for 3 hours.

Rooms are of varied sizes depending on the number of occupants. More expensive rooms even have billiard tables. We chose the cheaper one since we still have to spend for our food afterwards. By the way, they have a corkage fee for snacks not bought from their canteen.

Structure Plan of Red box Cebu branch 
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What I find pretty good here is the fact that they serve until midnight, so you can stay overtime - if your group wants to. Just be sure you can pay for the accommodation though. Teehee :)
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Cebu Ayala Terraces


- Clean and safe 
- Can accommodate a number of occupants
- Just inside a mall


- expensive
- The usual karaoke setting
- corkage fee x(