Sunday, April 8, 2012

Summer Lovin' ♥ TEA

Halo-halo is a thing of the past because milk teas have now become the ideal thirst quenchers for the hot summer-days! Now, let me give you an idea where to find one of Cebu's best milk teas.

Heart Tea Milk Tea, one of Cebu's pioneering milk tea shops, was opened in 2012 by the Oliva family who were driven by the idea of giving the Cebuanos yet another alternative drink which is not only delicious and healthy but also affordable. 

By delicious I mean tea-based drinks that would keep you sippin' to the very last drop. And by affordable, I mean one bottle of Heart Tea milk tea would only cost 45Php to 70Php while fruit-flavored teas are priced from 50Php to 65Php excluding add-ons like tapioca, Konjac, basil seeds and popping pearl at Php10 to Php15.

With now branches in Cebu Doctors University, Southwestern University, Convergys Banawa and I.T Park, Mr. Frank Oliva, Managing Partner of Heart Tea, shared that he personally picked their milk teas in Taiwan to suit with the Cebuano taste.

Mr. Oliva also promoted their two new flavors for summer 2013 - the Chocolate cookie crumble and Vanilla peppermint milk tea which are priced from 55php to 70php for regular and large bottles, respectively. These flavors will be available until August of this year.

I asked Mr. Oliva if there is a chance for Heart Tea to be more of 'cafe-like' but he said that it is not their goal to become like those tea houses where customers could sit in and chill out.

Heart Tea will be serving pastries any time this year, said Mr. Oliva. He also shared to us that he is still waiting for Robinson cybergate's permission allowing them to put up a stall inside the said mall. Their 5th branch in the city would also be launched this year outside the University of San Carlos Talamban Campus, along with the other franchising branches in the Visayas.

Mr. Oliva let us try some of their best milk teas and we all agreed that they are just so delicious and worth the price! You could really taste the black tea and the milk combined together producing a distinct taste you surely haven't tried before.

As of this time, Heart Tea's milk teas can be delivered within I.T park only.

Heart Tea Milk Tea updates can be found here:
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